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Top 5 Quotations

«Don't just stand there, idiot. Call a doctor, and then help me find a nose.»
Author: Blake Edwards
«Most companies are keeping all employee files online now.»
Author: Daniel Solove
«We now have the Senate of the largest state in the nation endorsing marriage equality. This undermines President Bush's claim that this effort is being undertaken by a few activist judges.»
Author: Geoffrey Kors
«[Morgan said he feels Buckley should not have received another hearing on his sentencing because there was no wrongdoing by himself or the witness. The drug task force agent] did not testify at the re-sentencing, ... Therefore, he doesn't have any grounds for another hearing.»
Author: Henry Morgan
«The public clearly understands the importance of open, nondiscriminatory access to the Internet from network owners.»
Author: Mark Cooper