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Top 5 Quotations

«While we're very disappointed by the information we have received thus far, we remain determined to continue the search so long as there is hope, and hope remains.»
Author: Ben Hatfield
«Let any man show the world that he feels Afraid of its bark and 't will fly at his heels: Let him fearlessly face it, 't will leave him alone: But 't will fawn at his feet if he flings it a bone»
Author: Owen Meredith | About: Fear | Keywords: bark, fawn, fawning, fawns, flings, heels
«I'm so proud of these guys. They came a long way. We'll regroup. We've got great kids with great attitudes and we'll be back next year.»
Author: Wendy Anae
«Congress has authority to protect, I believe, our most important species,»
«What we have here is just another example of viewpoint discrimination. Rather than seeing a tolerance for people of all faiths, what we see more and more sadly is really an outright hostility towards persons of the Christian faith.»
Author: Mike Johnson