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Top 5 Quotations

«I had just gotten off the road, and I was tired, and I didn't think I'd be of any value to him, ... I said no at first, but then as I kind of rejuvenated, I checked back in with him and he still hadn't cast the role of God. And I said I'd love to do it and I did.»
«In all the history of the Kashmir dispute, this peace process holds out the greatest promise,»
Author: Bharat Karnad
«One of our biggest assets is our growth strategy. We have grown by 16 percent this year in terms of number of rooms, which is the most significant organic growth in Europe in the industry.»
Author: Kurt Ritter
«There's a human tragedy of magnificent proportion taking place here. I don't think putting everyone in jail is contributing to a solution.»
Author: Thomas Siebel
«It has been unbelievably hard to put together and put on. But I think, if anything, [Katrina has] given us an elevated sense of purpose and mission and dedication. I think that Katrina has not only made this year the most important festival ever, but made the festival itself, to New Orleans, more important by far than it's ever been.»
Author: Quint Davis