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Top 5 Quotations

«The main thing so far has been keeping them separated. Right now, you're just hoping they all get there, because so much can happen. We're just taking it one step at a time now. It's nice now, but after April 1 we're going to have to make some decisions on which way to go.»
Author: Bob Frieze
«[Music is a fashion industry. Everyone at some point goes out of fashion.] For rock bands there's always someone there to tell you that it's not over, ... Even if the record is not selling someone will tell you the next one will, or it was the producer's fault or the record company. It was always someone else. And there's any number of people who will tell you how great you are in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.»
«I've never had any monetary motive in my life. I've never taken a nickel from the industry.»
Author: Jay Lehr
«On the Boston Scientific side the vote will be approved.»
Author: David Katz
«Truly great actors carry their characters in silence with them. They communicate without words the relationships that predate the movie.»
Author: Sam Mendes