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Top 5 Quotations

«Under the existing laws, they have averted a disaster from taking place in this country; they have arrested the people who have been conspiring ... so we don't need new laws,»
Author: Ameer Ali
«These players are representative of the depth of talent we have in Canada and they are all looking forward to competing at our national open championship.»
Author: Bill Paul
«This was premeditated, ... It's part of what we're calling multiplatform mania. The idea is to attack viewers from a number of different platforms so we can get behind the talent in a 360-degree way. People get their media and entertainment now from so many different places -- for us, this is a great way to market and build awareness for someone.»
Author: Lauren Corrao
«The soul of America weeps for the dead youth of this illegal and immoral war. It is time to step up and be heard.»
Author: Wayne Kramer
«Working people in regional Australia will feel the brunt of Howard's workplace laws and I'd be very worried if I was a federal MP who has voted for this legislation.»