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biligraphy of Tom Clancy and his writing style

Date Submitted: 01/17/2004 19:53:14
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Tom Clancy: Master of the Techno-Thriller Imagine yourself on a submarine. The crew is running around, frantically trying to get to their battle stations. Your hear the creaking of the hull as you descend deeper into the abyss. Everything around you jolts suddenly and you fall to the ground knowing that the next depth charge from above could be the end. On top of that, you have two other submarines in hot pursuit. This is …
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…down. With his involving plots with constant twists and his wealth of knowledge about the military and politics, Clancy is the obvious master of the techno-thriller. Works Cited "Clancy, Tom." Authors and Artists for Young Adults. 1992. "Clancy, Tom." Contemporary Authors. 1991. "Clancy, Tom." Contemporary Literary Criticism. 1987. "Fiction Authors: Clancy, Tom." <> (26 Mar. 2001). "Tom Clancy Biography." <> (26 Mar. 2001).
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