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Working Teens

Date Submitted: 08/10/2004 15:05:35
Category: / Social Sciences / Education
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For teenagers, employment can be a valuable experience. In addition to its financial benefits, work gives teens the opportunity to learn important job skills, explore future careers, and, in some cases, enhance their academic education. On the other hand, many young workers face health and safety hazards on the job. Many times, working teens suffer injuries that can have devastating effects on their physical well-being. And working too many hours can jeopardize a teen's academic …
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…teens are appropriately supervised to prevent injuries and hazardous exposures. They should evaluate equipment that teens operate to ensure that it is safe for use by adolescents. Employers must also know and obey the child labor laws and occupational safety and health regulations. In conclusion, teens are more likely to become injured at work than adults. It is the employers' responsibility to recognize hazardous or prohibited work tasks in order to reduce injuries among teens.
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