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Why Spaghetti Westerns Should Simply Be Westerns: An analysis of the Western Genre using examples from "The Searchers" and "For a Few Dollars More"

Date Submitted: 07/29/2004 23:54:10
Category: / Entertainment / Genres
Length: 7 pages (1907 words)
Why Spaghetti Westerns Should Be Simply Westerns It is argued that true Westerns all conform to the same mold of the prewar Westerns: A lonely hero who wanders the West looking to settle down, but is never able to give up the violent life he has led. John Cawelti says the Western takes place on the border between two lands, between two eras, and with a hero who remains divided between two value systems (Altman, 220). …
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…as well would have to continually update itself if it were to expect the public to keep coming back for decades on end. BIBLIOGRAPHY Altman, Rick. Film/Genre. London: British Film Institute, 1999. Cawelti, John. Adventure, Mystery, and Romance. Grant, Barry Keith. Film Genre Reader II. Austin, TX: U. of Texas, 1995. Kitses, Jim and Gregg Rickman, eds. The Western Reader. New York, NY: Limelight, 1999. Schatz, Thomas. Hollywood Genres: Formulas, Filmmaking, and the Studio System. Boston: McGraw-Hill, 1981.
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