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What were the effects of Roman Imperialism? Include both, the effects on Rome, and the conquered peoples.

Date Submitted: 04/10/2003 18:53:14
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There were many consequences of Roman Imperialism, which affected both the Romans and conquered peoples, positively and negatively. Although the Romans gained a variety of resources from new lands, they also had to deal with the problem of controlling a vast empire, which made it difficult to govern effectively. People of conquered lands were heavily taxed, but they also received protection from the Roman military, as their land was now Roman land. One of the …
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…could not have been brought about by any other civilization, as there was none to match the power of Rome. Although there were always some internal conflicts in Europe, without Rome's influence over the vast region, countries in Europe would never have been as united as they are today, and one of the key reason's of Europe's immense power and economic success at present is in fact it's unity, as shown by the European Union.
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