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Today's Marilyn Monroe

Date Submitted: 09/09/2006 22:50:10
Category: / Society & Culture / Art and Culture
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<Tab/>The world of fashion is an eternal drafting process. Unfortunately, we now have editors with less sense of style than Pauly Shore. Fashion moguls are turning out the most ridiculous outfits I've seen since Tarzan. This situation thoroughly confuses me; and I'm constantly left asking the question, "Why?" Nonetheless, it all is fashion, and unlike most prehistoric creatures, its extinction is only as likely to come as our own. Teenagers …
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…chonies. <Tab/>It's unfortunate to watch as teenagers become more provocative, shallow and unattractive. Their ideas of fashion become gaudier to display their competence in a world of style. Days continue on as the beauty of style deteriorates exponentially. I suppose that is what's most important in a growing and modernizing society; evolution. Consequently, teens are becoming oddly colored, less healthy, and completely indecent to any self-respecting person of today's society.
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