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This is a two page essay describing cleopatra's poltical strategies in egypt.

Date Submitted: 09/07/2004 09:33:24
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Cleopatra An Egyptian Ruler How we see Cleopatra today is through archaeology. The best representation of Cleopatra through archaeology would have to be her as Isis would on the south wall relief of the temple at Hathor at Dendera. This relief portrays her as having many life events in common with the Goddess Isis. Even though the whole idea of Cleopatra being identified with Isis was mainly used for Egyptian propaganda, her story was ironically …
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…else was clearly an act to gain more power for her in the long run. The only other time Cleopatra is know to share the spotlight on her coinage was when she was holding a small bundle that supposedly was little Caesarian. However, even then the image of the child wasn't made clear and it was just the idea of the queen being a mother figure like Isis that was used to sell herself politically.
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