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This is a rough draft of a full report on insects including motion, respiration, excretion, feeding, internal transportation, parental care, reproduction, and interesting facts.

Date Submitted: 10/12/2002 17:34:21
Category: / Science & Technology / Biology
Length: 4 pages (979 words)
Movement - Having 6 legs, insects move on alternating sets of tripods. The three black legs are those that are touching the ground; the yellow legs are being lifted and moved forward. Aquatic motion - Surface walkers, because of their small size, are able to walk on the water surface tension. They may use hairs to increase their surface area or wax to make themselves more water repellent. Others use fin shaped wings or legs to …
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…care of a few offspring rather than many. Reproduction-Most insects reproduce sexually. The eggs are fertilized inside the female. She carries or lays the eggs some place where they will not be disturbed. She usually will play no further part in their lives. Lace bugs will carry their young around on their backs with them until they hatch. Interesting Fact- Insects mouths do not move vertically like ours do, they move from side to side.
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