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This is a research paper about the death penalty.

Date Submitted: 06/18/2004 18:10:55
Category: / Law & Government / Supreme Court
Length: 3 pages (833 words)
This paper is about the death penalty. The death penalty is a very complicated subject with various opinions to criticize it. Many people claim that the death penalty is against the human rights, which everyone is entitled to. Even though the execution of convicts has stopped in many countries the last years, still yet in a minority of uncivilized countries apply this brutal "law". Threw questionnaires, we will try to form the opinion of the …
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…can be treated in a way that can cure them, whereas 70% believe the opposite. The point is that if there is treatment for people that do awful crimes, then death penalty must be some sort of revenge. That is because, even jail is supposed to be a punishment that will help convicts understand their mistakes and prepare themselves to return to society. Further on, we will see graphs made from the results of the questionnaires:
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