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This is a paper on the basics of human memory, specifically on the effectiveness of maintenance and elaborative rehearsals.

Date Submitted: 05/20/2004 03:45:11
Category: / Social Sciences / Psychology
Length: 3 pages (699 words)
The human brain is an extremely intricate instrument, whose processes cannot fully be interpreted. One of the essential jobs of the human brain is to control memory. Why we remember things and what we remember in the long term, to some extent, cannot be understood. However, experiments have been done trying to understand how our short-term memory works. Although the works of the short-term memory may not seem entirely too difficult to understand, if everyone …
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…hypothesis. The dependent variable in the second experiment was the target letter words. The independent variable was the amount of words that appeared in between the target letter words. According to the two experiments, one could come to the conclusion that the maintenance rehearsal hypothesis may have some bearing on memory, but it does not have the great effect that researchers originally believed. The reasoning for memory can be more directly rooted in elaborative rehearsal.
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