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The impact of war with Iraq on the US economy, based on an article from BusinessWeek.

Date Submitted: 11/03/2004 10:01:47
Category: / Business & Economy / Global Economy
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Article: U.S. official says war on Iraq could boost global economy By Pawel Kozlowski (Rueters) ADVERTISEMENT WARSAW (Reuters) - A senior U.S. Commerce Department official said on Wednesday that a possible war on Iraq could boost the global economy by eliminating a terrorist threat and releasing fresh oil supplies onto world markets. The comments in Poland by Under Secretary Grant Aldonas came amid diplomatic wrangling over sending weapons inspectors to Iraq, which U.…
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…war may prove beneficial to the economy, but even if the war should continue longer than expected, the economic damages suffered might be less severe than if we were to continue this period of uncertainty. References Reference # 1: Report.Available at: Reference # 2: Article. Christopher Farrell. Available at: Reference # 3: Article. John Chesto. Available at: //
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