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"The Tyger" by William Blake, An Analisys.

Date Submitted: 11/03/2004 00:50:26
Category: / Literature / World Literature
Length: 2 pages (473 words)
It may be easy to read and remember, but it is not easy to understand. Some of Blake's phrases are strange ("immortal hand"), some are archaic ("thine"), and others are used with different meanings from those we use today ("frame"). Added to this, Blake uses many vivid metaphors, which produce strong images of beauty and power ("...burning bright / In the forests of the night") but which are less obvious in their meaning. The poem is …
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…the Lamb make thee?" Perhaps Blake meant "Could he..." when he wrote, "Did he..."? It is not easy to know what Blake really wanted for his readers in this strange and fascinating poem. But what cannot be doubted is power and beauty of the poem. Perhaps Blake just wanted his readers to feel this power and beauty and to ask themselves why our world should contain such opposites as goodness and evil, beauty and ugliness.
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