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The Struggle for Land in Vietnam The Vietnamese people had successfully fought for their land for over 2000 years. America was no different from the others that were defeated.

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The French colonized Vietnam in the late 1800s. Before this time, land in Vietnam had been communally owned, in the sense that individual households had access to it by membership to the village. "Every family had land to till that it could call its own"(Gettleman 8). Many peasants had inherited the land because their ancestors had farmed it for generations before them. The land was available for the people of Vietnam, but they did not …
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…of Vietnam who fought hard and quickly were like the tiger. All the elephant had to due was stomp on the tiger and crush it, but the tiger would never stop to allow being stomped on. Instead the tiger would keep fighting, jumping on the back of the elephant, violently attacking until the elephant was finally defeated and died. Work Cited Gettleman, Marvin. Vietnam and America Young, Marilyn. The Vietnam Wars Duiker, William. Sacred War
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