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The European Union, its development, the steps taken in the development, the economic details regarding the Union and Future prospects of the union

Date Submitted: 02/13/2004 10:36:40
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"At the end of the Renaissance, the Italian states were the leaders of the world in science, arts, weaponry, economics. Leaders of the World! But they did not merge. And they lost their voice in the world. That is the lesson for us today...Europe shall lead." This was said by Romano Prodi, president of the European Commission, about the European Union. The creation of the European Union has been on the biggest undertakings of …
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…cause for beginning the integration process. Despite the challenges that still lie ahead for Europe, by the way the union has been progressing thus far it seems that they will not pose a threat to accomplishments achieved so far. It was once said that one of the big historical question of the new century was the success of the EU, by looks of things now, one could say that the question has already been answered.
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