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The Column of Trajan.

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The Column of Trajan is one of the only well preserved pieces form the Forum Trajan. The entire complex was used as a stone quarry and a source for decorative marble since the sixth century AD. The column was considered a tourist attraction an in 1162 a law was passed forbidding anyone to damage it. The column had many functions. One of the main functions it served as was the resting place for Trajan. The column …
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…the historical accuracy in praising the many qualities pf the army and the emperor. While the artists' emphasized on the greatness of the Roman army, the enemy was always treated respect. The images of Trajan incorporated some of his formal tradition. There is also a magnificent form of victory that divided the frieze into the two different campaigns in Dacia. The Column of Trajan is an example of what Roman historical relief is all about.
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