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The Clout of Media Giants. Describe the power of "The Big Five" in controlling the teen-pop culture.

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 00:09:33
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<Tab/>In 1856 an article in the Richmond Enquirer read, "Freedom is not possible without slavery." This quote still has some truth to it today. American youths have become essentially slaves of the media giants under the guise of new freedoms and choices. Only five companies control the entire fate of a "teen pop-culture." There is no individuality anymore, one must and will conform to become a slave of the "big five." …
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…of culture. The fate of an entire teen pop-culture lies in the hands of the "Big Five." They make the moves and corner American youth with their powerful weapons of music, hyper-commercialism, movies, news, and television. Surely one of these many tactics will grab them and suck out their soul, leaving them empty, yet full of an artificial culture. However, they will remain blissfully ignorant because as far as they know they have a choice.
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