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"Thanatopsis" by William Bryant.

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 02:44:05
Category: / Society & Culture / Art and Culture
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"Thanatopsis" is a poem about life after death. Bryant illustrates his own ideas concerning death. He shows the connection between death and the going on cycle of nature and life. Bryant believes that after death will be a new life and everything will change or die eventually. Death is also an equalizer because everyone who dies all share the same fate. Bryant shows that life and death are apart of nature. Nature does so many …
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…you are not only dieing with those like you and those below you but with the greatest of them all. Unlike most people who fear death and dread its coming, Bryant embraces it. Bryant realizes that death is apart of life, nature, and no one can stop it. When the time comes, it will be there. Death will not bring terrible repercussions but will bring one back to nature and complete the cycle of life.
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