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Sons and lovers and 1984, functions of the Nottinghamshire dialect and Newspeak.

Date Submitted: 01/26/2004 22:03:38
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D.H. Lawrence sets the plot in Nottingham, so he uses the Nottinghamshire dialect in order to give realism to his book. So the function of this one would be to make more credible the characters, and the fact that they are born in Nottingham and belong to a low class of society. Let's see some examples of the use of the dialect throughout the novel: 1. " I canna see what there is much to laugh …
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…specialist in Newspeak. Syme tells him how he destroys words and creates new ones. 2. On page 54, Syme wants to change 'splendid' for 'plusgood' and 'bad' for 'ungood'. 3. On page 57, we find one more interesting example: 'duckspeak' whose meaning would be 'to quack like a duck'. From Newspeak, we get the message that language is of central importance to human thought, because it structures and limits the ideas that individual are capable of formulating and expressing.
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