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Should Amiri Baraka resign? This essay is about the New Jersey poet laurete and whether he should resign

Date Submitted: 06/23/2004 10:03:33
Category: / Literature / Creative Writing
Length: 3 pages (696 words)
Dear Editor, On September 19, 2002, New Jersey poet laureate Amiri Baraka read a controversial poem entitled "Somebody Blew Up America" at the Dodge Poetry Festival in New Jersey. The poem included the stanza, "Who knew the World Trade Center was gonna get bombed/Who told 4000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers/ To stay home that day/Why did Sharon stay away?", implying that the Israelis knew about the incident on September 11 and did nothing to prevent …
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…He also showed us what poetry is really about and that not everybody has to be the same. If we all did what we thought was right instead of following the crowd, we might have more freedom than we do now. It's a good thing that people like Amiri Baraka still exist. He should not have to step down and he should be able to write and read his poems in public without being censored.
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