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Paul's Lullaby.

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 02:18:43
Category: / Society & Culture / Art and Culture
Length: 3 pages (857 words)
Walking into the Doctors waiting room, a new patient is greeted by a middle aged man wearing overhauls and sitting on the Doctor's counter. The man is playing with a stethoscope which he has pressed tightly over his heart. Rather absorbed with listening to his own heart it takes the man a minute to take notice of the patient. "My name's Paul and I sure am pleased to make ur aquantaince. I supose ur not …
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…got killed." Lowering his twelve gauge broom Paul looks down to the floor and kicks at the tiles with his shoes. The door to the office opens and Doc enters saying, "Greetings, I hope you didn't mind Paul he's harmless. Now what's your name and how can I help you?" As Doc begins his introduction, Paul bounds for the door. Stopping short of the door he turns around and grins at the patient saying, "Boom!"
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