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Is air travel safe?

Date Submitted: 07/14/2004 08:28:30
Category: / Science & Technology / Engineering
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Is air travel safe? Statistically, air travel is reasonably safe when compared with road, rail and sea. Many countries have a high death and injury rate on the road; train, ferry, and ocean going ship disasters are regular enough to be commonplace, taking a global view. Yet air disasters are usually fatal to all or most concerned and are therefore more widely reported. Consequently there is international pressure to make air travel as safe as …
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…separates the cockpit from the rest of the aircraft preventing unauthorised or criminal access to the cockpit. Airports are microscopically scrutinized in search of any hazard. Even though no one can say for sure that among one of the passengers another disciple of Ben-laden is ready to board and repeat history. The answer to the question of whether air travel is safe is definitely NO. Much has still to be done to avert future disasters.
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