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Ireland, the history, economics, current events, etc...

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Ireland lies in the Atlantic Ocean, just west of the United Kingdom. It is a lushes island filled with miles of green rolling hills. It was conquered by the Celts, the dominate ethnic group in Ireland, in approximately 600 BC. Later, in 432 AD, St. Patrick arrived on the island and began converting the kings to Christianity. Long after, Ireland suffered from the great potato famine in the 1840's. The great potato famine led to millions of …
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…have been so called, "sleepers" using Ireland as a staging post for attacks on Great Britain. <Tab/>For the past fifty years, Ireland has been fighting with terrorism. They have lost billions of dollars, thousands of people, and many political figures to the hands of terrorists. Along with battling the Irish terrorist organizations fighting to unify Ireland, they have to worry about international terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda hiding in Ireland.
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