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Industrial Revolution

Date Submitted: 10/10/2004 13:07:42
Category: / History / World History
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Industrial Revolution - fINAL The Industrial Revolution was a step forward for the world as shown by new advances in technology, new working conditions, and the revolution's profound effect on society. The Industrial Revolution during the 1700's was a time of drastic change and transformation as Western Countries began using machines for mass production. The many advances during this time had mostly positive effects and the Industrial Revolution transformed government, industry, education and man's overall …
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…revolution's profound effect on society. The Industrial Revolution helped shape society into what we know today. The fabric of human behavior and social interaction was dramatically changed during the spread of industrialization. The negative effects of the Industrial Revolution were invisible to those in power yet all too obvious to those in the lower classes. Today, the effects of the Industrial Revolution, whether good or bad, are still evident in different societies of the world.
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