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Indexation with reference to Brazil.

Date Submitted: 11/21/2004 13:22:09
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Indexation With reference to Brazil Paolo Rigutto 6F 5th of March 2002 Economics Higher Paolo Rigutto Discussion Paper THE EFFECT OF INDEXATION Brazil is known all over the world as a third world country that has a very large population where the greater part of the people live in a poor state of live and have no fixed income. Brazil became very famous for its inflation rates. Inflation is the persistent general rise in prices over …
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…the people for their opinion as they make up the economy and if they revolt there may be even more high unemployment and inflation. I do not believe that the advantages out balance the disadvantages and if the government is truly intent on pleasing the people the best is to try and lower inflation with any means possible and not waste time to take away the pain of inflation by making use of index linking.
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