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History of New Jersey - one of the most recognized lighthouses on the east cost, the Twin Lights.

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Twin Lights of Highlands Situated 200 feet above sea level atop the Navesink Highlands, Twin Lights has stood as a watcher and garden of ships over the treacherous coastal waters of northern New Jersey since 1828. Named Navesink Light Station, it became known as the "Twin Lights of Highlands" to those who used its mighty beacons to navigate. As the primary lighthouse for New York Harbor, it was the best and brightest light on the Atlantic Coast …
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…basis. The United States Army also saw the value of using Twin Lights as a test site for experimental electronics. In the 1920's and 1930's various Radar devices developed at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey were tested here. Many of these prototypes were later used in the early days of World War II. Works Cited Twin-Lights Historical Society Monmouth County Historical Society Visitation to Twin Lights Historical Site Interview with Tom Laverty, Curator of Twin Lights
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