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Functions of organs in the digestive system,(BASIC)

Date Submitted: 12/12/1999 12:09:16
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Salivary Glands The mouth contains the salivary glands, which is a digestive gland. The salivary glands produce a liquid substance called saliva. The saliva acts as a cleanser to the teeth by dissolving food particles so that they may be eaten. Saliva also contains enzymes and mucus. There are three major pairs of salivary glands. The parotid gland carries its contents and drains the mouth. The submandibular gland empties its contents on the floor of …
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…no function in a modern day human, but it is believed that it has been lots of help to our primitive ancestors. Rectum The rectum is a short, muscular tube that forms the lowest portion of the large intestine and connects it to the anus, Feces collects here until pressure on the rectal walls cause nerve impulses to pass the brain, which then sends messages to the voluntary muscles in the anus relax, permitting expulsion.
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