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Economic status of China

Date Submitted: 09/09/2006 22:49:51
Category: / Social Sciences / Economics
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Overview: Because of china's want for rapid economic growth, it has changed its structure of the state owned enterprises not only the enterprises but also the whole economy, due to this change the unemployment rate has sky rocketed. Although china's economist expect that 2 to 3 million jobs will be created through China's entry to WTO (world trade organization) But through that process of entry the change again will create more jobs lost then created. Statistics: &…
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…amp;gt;Agreement to concession tax rate also reducing social insurance premiums for enterprises hiring a certain amount of workers. 5.<Tab/>Government is now organizing a range of free training courses and seminars for the unemployed, increasing the chances of them been reemployed. 6.<Tab/>Government developing policies such as increase investment of government capital towards transportation and roads project, in hope of keeping the unemployment rate down.
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