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ET and Egypt?

Date Submitted: 05/22/2004 14:12:22
Category: / History / Ancient History
Length: 6 pages (1574 words)
Aliens and pyramids strange topic "Did the early Egyptians have help in building the pyramids?" All over the world remain fantastic objects, vestiges of people or forces which the theories of archaeology, history, and religion cannot explain. There is something inconsistent about our archaeology. They have found electric batteries many thousands of years old. They have found strange beings in perfect space-suits with platinum fasteners. They have also found numbers with fifteen digits-something not registered …
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…answers? Really all there is , is the evidence that one archaeologist or another has said was done or was the work of extraterrestrials. One must look at the evidence. All the wall paintings and sculptures, all the amazing structures with no real reason or explanation. To reallly look at thie subject, one will need to open their mind and forget about all the traditional rules and decisions and maybe see that the possibilities are endless.
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