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Describes the three most popular types of trucks. Low riders, stock, and 4X4. advantages and disadvantages to each.

Date Submitted: 10/01/2003 14:55:55
Category: / Science & Technology / Engineering
Length: 2 pages (428 words)
Flashy, low-ridin' Chevy trucks cruise down the highway reaching excessively high speeds. The drivers in the slow trucks being side-swiped honk their horns and holler out obscene language. At the same time, a monstrous Blazer cutting through the mountains maneuvers up a rocky trail desperate to reach the top. Anyone's driving needs, whether for flying down the street, cutting through the mountains, or simply for commuting, can be met by one of three types of …
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…drive. Whether it might be for recreation or simply commuting, each truck has special features. Low-riders have the big rims and stylish after-market items, and 4X4's are raised with monstrous engines to motor them through the mountains. Stock trucks, however, have nothing special but the dull and blunt taste of the driver. As more and more trucks are pushed off the assembly line, we'll see what new types are made to suit people's needs.
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