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"Danse Russe" by William Carlos William.

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 02:09:32
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William Carlos Williams' poem "Danse Russe," is written like most modern poetry, in free verse. Like nearly all of Williams' work, "Danse Russe" has no meter nor does it follow any rhyme scheme whatsoever. Disregarding an iamb or steady beat pattern, the poem's rhythm is organic, rather than metrical, meaning that the poem flows smoothly from one line to the next without any guidelines to follow. It is almost as if the poem is to …
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…wife waking up and finding him out; or that he simply cannot bear the thought of having his happiness stripped away from him as his role in civilization calls. The way Williams describes the serenity of a quiet morning, the dreary grind of day-in, day-out does seem heart wrenching in comparison. However, the central theme of the poem is a dance, and while it may take two to tango, it only takes one to dance.
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