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Crack Cocaine - usage symptoms, general information

Date Submitted: 07/02/2003 09:01:45
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Crack cocaine, another form of cocaine base, also is derived from powder cocaine. Unlike the processing of freebase cocaine, converting powder cocaine into crack cocaine does not involve any flammable solvents. The powder cocaine is simply dissolved in a solution of sodium bicarbonate and water. The solution is boiled and a solid substance separates from the boiling mixture. This solid substance, crack cocaine, is removed and allowed to dry. The crack cocaine is then broken …
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…cocaine are sustained for approximately 30 minutes after peak effects are attained. The symptoms of abuse are consistent to those of powder cocaine, except crack provides a more intense high. Heavy perspiration and ear ringing are also not uncommon when smoking crack. Again, the intense addictive properties of crack often cause the abuser to go on binges during which they continuously smoke crack until they drop from fatigue or run out of money to purchase more.
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