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Comparison of three John Hopkin poems. God-man poems "God's Grandeur", "Peace", and "Pied Beauty"

Date Submitted: 10/07/2004 10:20:58
Category: / Literature / Poetry
Length: 2 pages (466 words)
Hopkins wrote three poems specifically about the beauty of God's creation and mostly about the aspects of everyday life. This is clearly seen in "God's Grandeur", "Pied Beauty" and "Peace" as Hopkins describes uniqueness of God's creations, the thoughts and worries of human beings, God's mysterious ways and human's disregard for the earth in which God has created. To each poem, much praise is given to God and all he has created. Each poem is …
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…ah! Bring wings." As we read "ah" we pause to truly capture to moment and take into consideration how lucky nature replenishes itself. While reading Hopkin's works, you can appreciate God's creation and learn from Hopkin's that God has many mysterious ways. "Pied Beauty", "God's Grandeur" and his apostrophe to "Peace" all come together to capture the beauty of God's work in our lives and the many different aspects of God working within our lives.
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