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Comparing and contrasting the ancient civilizations of Egypt and China

Date Submitted: 05/17/2003 13:13:33
Category: / History / Ancient History
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The ancient civilizations of Egypt and China were very similar in many different aspects. Their governments and their geography were extremely alike and the religions of the two civilizations had only tiny differences. The early Egyptians also had the same concept of writing as the Chinese people who lived across the continent from them. Suprisingly, these two ancient civilizations that existed very far away from each other show a enormous amount of similarities in almost …
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…There were gods for everything, like in the Egyptian religion; each god would represent something. The ancient civilizations of Egypt and China were very similar. The government in both places was similarly set up and the geography of China was very much alike to the geography of Egypt. Religion was also a common trait of these two civilizations. Strangely, considering these two cultures developed isolated from each other, they share a lot of common traits.
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