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Compare and contrast 'Hide and Seek' by Vernon Scannell and 'Half-past Two' by U. A. Fanthorpe

Date Submitted: 10/23/2000 07:19:18
Category: / Literature / Poetry
Length: 10 pages (2801 words)
'Hide and Seek' concerns a boy hiding cautiously whilst playing hide and seek with his peers. Gradually, he realises he has been abandoned, and fear overcomes him due to being isolated in the dark surroundings. The tone is incredibly certain and positive at the beginning. However, his confidence gradually fades away as the realisation of his abandonment occurs. The mood is analogous to the tone. At first, we can sense the excitement. This modifies to …
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…past Two' as well as more. A noticeable difference is the content of both poems. The experiences are totally different as are the reactions and personal opinions of them. I enjoyed reading 'Hide and Seek' more than 'Half- past Two'. This is because I thought 'Hide and Seek' was more effective at vividly portraying the experience. In 'Half- past Two', it was harder to get a grasp of the content and symbolism within the poem.
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