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Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 03:11:13
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This message has been brought to you by..." Millions of Americans hear this commercial announcement emanating from their televisions each day, yet few consider the ramifications of the words. If granted five minutes of national airtime, I would urge the American public to explore the implications of the commercialization of the media. Indeed, I would encourage individuals to research and question issues rather than relying primarily on television and other mass media for information. Many …
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…more advertisement. Moreover, people who use their vast resources to acquire time on television do so to advocate their side of an issue. An educated public, however, cannot be swayed by propaganda or attention-grabbing advertisements, but rather will make informed decisions. My message aspires to encourage Americans to limit the impact of propaganda by understanding the dynamics of the media and developing both the capacity to think critically and the desire to research one's opinions.
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