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Biography on J.S Bach

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Johanna Sebastian Bach's Personal Life Johanna Sebastian Bach, known as the "Father of Modern Music," was a famous German musician and composer during the Baroque period. He was born into a family with great musical background from several generations before him. Johann Sebastian Bach, the eighth child of the family, was born in Eisenach, Germany on March 21, 1685. His father taught him to play the violin, and young Bach became the most gifted musician in the …
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…serious eye problems. A traveling English eye surgeon performed unsuccessful surgery causing him to have complete blindness. With the help of others, Johann Sebastian Bach continued to compose music dictating his work to them. He died of a stroke the next year in 1750 on July 28. Though Johann Sebastian Bach was buried in an unmarked grave at St. Thomas' Church, he still lives very vividly even today through his deeply religious compositions played throughout the world.
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