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Biochemical processes and strutural attributes of the human respiratory system

Date Submitted: 03/24/2002 04:54:51
Category: / Science & Technology / Chemistry
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Respiratory structure and gas exchange The cardiac and respiratory structures are contained within the Thoracic cavity, figure1. The respiratory system's primary function is to supply the blood with oxygen (O2) so that it can deliver O2 to the body. The respiratory system does this through breathing. When we breathe, we inhale air to obtain oxygen and exhale to excrete carbon dioxide (CO2). As each lung grows it develops an outer layer; the visceral pleura. Outside …
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…to improve performance related to your knowledge of the cardio-vascular and respiratory systems? What and how would be entirely contextual, ranging from a personal one-to-one chat about general principles involved in training, figure 21, through to detailed measures of lactate threshold, ventilation break-point and VO2max as per the results in appendix 1, in order to allow the calculation of a heart rate at 60-80% of the threshold to improve aerobic endurance by training at that level.
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