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Assignment: 1) Compare broadsheet and tabloid newspapers 2) Compare Broadcast news 3) Compare the newspaper's headlines with the headlines of the broadcast news

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 00:18:54
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1) Broadsheet and tabloid newspapers In this essay I will explore the difference between broadsheet newspapers and tabloid newspapers. I will base my comments on the basis of "THE INDEPENDENT" and "THE SUN". "THE INDEPENDENT" is a broadsheet newspaper and "THE SUN" is a tabloid newspaper. These two newspapers have a completely different readership. While "The Sun" tries to reach the lower and middle classes, "The Independent" tries to reach the higher classes of society, such …
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…tabloid newspaper as you can see on the more dramatic way of reporting The BBC news on the other hand are much more serious and are related to broadsheet newspapers like "the independent". Another indication for that is that the news speakers on BBC news are much older and probably more experienced than the speakers on the ITV news. Further the speakers and reporters are more formal dressed as the speakers and reporters from ITV
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