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Analyse an event reported on by the media and the ways in which they position the viewer to respond to the event.

Date Submitted: 09/09/2006 23:22:24
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English Seminar Imagine owning a crystal ball which can show you anything that is happening in the world. But then imagine that someone is controlling what and how the crystal ball shows you these events. This is the media in a nutshell. Whilst it is a powerful and useful source of information, we mustn't forget that it is only a representation and doesn't mirror the reality of unfolding events. Just as we cannot see every …
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…In this case, we have seen how the media constructed the events that occurred in the hostage crisis in Beslan to position us to respond and agree with the dominant perspective. Moreover, this construction has failed to answer the underlying question of why such an atrocity occurred. So by way of conclusion, from this day forward, let's challenge the media when they reports to us, let's hold the media responsible and let's be informed citizens.
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