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An evaluation of the enforced democracy of iraq in realtion to modernity and globalisation

Date Submitted: 09/09/2006 23:09:08
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Shane Gladstone<Tab/><Tab/><Tab/><Tab/><Tab/><Tab/>Globalisation: media & Culture Assignment One: Essay "An evaluation of the enforced democracy of Iraq by the United States in relation to modernity and cultural imperialism" Introduction "Poverty does not make poor people into terrorists. Yet poverty, weak institutions and corruption can …
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…the following quotation. "Greenwich meantime was adopted by all British railway companies in 1848, thirty years before it became the legal standard for Great Britain. And it was the railways - as organisations for the co-ordination of time space via their timetables, as much as transport technology - that first made possible modern travel... Modernity, Gidden's argues, 'tears space away from place'. It is this, above all, that makes modernity inherently globaising" (Tomlinson, J, 1998, pg 50-52)
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