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An analization on the story the Bloodflowers by:W.D. Valgardson

Date Submitted: 09/09/2006 22:33:10
Category: / Literature / North American
Length: 8 pages (2146 words)
1.1<Tab/>Plot Synopsis Summarize the story in ten sentences. 1. Danny Thorson moves to the isolated Black Island on a teaching job. 2. He spends time on the island and finds out that it is nothing but rock surrounded by water. 3. He meets Sick Jack and his daughter Adel and finds Adel very attractive; he likes her a lot. 4. Mrs. Poorwilly reveals to Danny that people on the island usually die in "threes." 5. …
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…they are seen it is least expected and almost a surprise as if they popped out at random. Death comes at random; we never know when it will happen. When Danny picked the flower he was told that it was bad luck. Little did he know that when he picked the flower he was picking the beginning path of his death because from then on he did not have any good luck what so ever.
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