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Albrecht Durer - Leonardo of the North

Date Submitted: 07/13/2004 03:16:47
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Excellent paper, one of my best, I spent several hours researching Albrecht Durer This is the best paper in the class. Albrecht Durer Leonardo of the North         Impressive though others may be, the great German artist of the Northern Renaissance is Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528). We know his life better than the lives of other artists of his time. Dürer traveled, and found, he says, more appreciation abroad than at home. The Italian influence …
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…Proprtion). On April 6, 1528 Albrecht Dürer died, but shall never be forgotten.         The quality of Dürer's work, his astonishing output, and his influence on his contemporaries all underscore the significance of his place in the history of art. In a broader context, his curiosity in geometry and mathematical proportions, his keen sense of history, his observances of nature, and his awareness of his own individual potential demonstrate the intellectually inquiring spirit of the Renaissance.                           
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