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England's First Test-Tube Baby

Date Submitted: 04/14/2004 23:51:09
Category: / Science & Technology
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“England’s Test-Tube Baby” The first baby to be conceived outside of it’s mother promises to usher in a new and maybe, a revolutionary era of human reproduction. In July, Lesley Brown was getting close to delivery. This was said to be the world’s first test-tube baby at the Oldham and District General Hospital, 190 miles outside of London. The infant was “created” when the egg of the mother was joined with the father’…
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…pill, reported that he and colleagues had managed to fertilize an egg in vito. But other scientists believe that few cell divisions observed by Rock were nothing more than “ parthenogic cleavage.” (Division of the egg with out the involvement of the sperm), probably introduced by incidental stimulation of the ovum. Lesley Brown delivered her baby at 11:47 p.m. Dr.Patrick Steptoe proudly reported, “ The anxieties are over. We’ve got a nice, healthy, normal baby.”
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