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(Where Comets Come From) Discover

Date Submitted: 06/01/2003 18:00:42
Category: / Science & Technology
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(Where Comets Come From) Discover These are the shows of yesteryear, the pristine remnants of the origin of the solar system waiting frozen in the interstellar dark. Out here trillions of orbiting show banks and icebergs are stored, gently suspended about the sun. They cruise no faster than a small propeller-driven aircraft would, buzzing through the blue skies of the far off earth. The slowness of their motion just balances the gravity of the distant …
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…dark reddish brown ice. There is no air on this small world nothing liquid and apart from you yourself nothing alive at least so far as you can see. You can over the following millions of years, explore every corner, every mountain, every crevice. With the skies perfectly clear and with no particularly urgent tasks before you, you can also spend a little time studying the magnificent array of unwinking bright stars that surrounds you.
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