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Date Submitted: 06/15/2004 05:24:07
Category: / Law & Government / Government & Politics
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Introduction This report is about Electronic Government in Malaysia. Several researches have been done through many ways and come out several conclusions. The main subject of this report is " Is Malaysia Ready for Electronic Government? " This has been the issue and question for many citizens of Malaysia and our neighbor countries. Will Electronic Government in Malaysia succeed? From my personal opinion, conversion from classical government to electronic government has been the dream of Malaysia and …
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…projects and its applications will lead to a new culture of urbanization not only to Malaysian society but it will also be a new paradigm for creating value in urban development especially in the information age throughout the world. As indicated in Vision 2020, MSC will be a catalyst to start a new way of lifestyle to become an informative and progressive society with super quality services and urban development for all nations as a whole.
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