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Swimming History

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Term Papers Can't find it here? Try Collegiate Care Swimming History By: DRS Swimming was invented before recorded history. Humans discovered how to swim by accident. A person probably fell into the water and struggled to shore using a dog-paddle stroke. There was an Egyptian hieroglyph for swimming dating from 2500 BC. The ancient Greeks and Romans made swimming an important part of their military training programs. There have been known swimming contests that were organized …
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…gold medals at the 1972 Olympic Games. No athlete in any event had ever dominated a single Olympics as did Spitz. In 1972 he won the 100- and 200-m freestyle and butterfly events, and was a member of the winning 4 X 100- and 4 X 200-m freestyle relay teams and the 4 X 100-m medley relay team. Spitz set 32 world and 38 U.S. swimming records during his career. He was a very big role model for aspiring young swimmers.
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