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Leonhard Euler.

Date Submitted: 06/20/2001 06:43:10
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Leonhard Euler is a recognized Swiss mathematician who is considered to be a pioneer in algebra and number theory (Simonis 68). The man not only contributed in the subject of algebra but also in mechanics, optics, and lunar motion. Not only did he contribute greatly to math but also his life was full of accomplishments such as receiving his master's degree at the age of 17 and receiving a second place award for the best arrangement of …
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…consisting of powers of x" (Simonis 68). Euler also popularized the symbol of ð, even though it was first introduced by an English mathematical writer named William Jones (Ferris 652). But most important one of his major contributions was "his application of Newton's gravitational theory to describe the mutual effects of the motion of the Sun, moon, and Earth led to lunar tables that the British Navy used to help determine latitudinal positioning of ships at sea" (Simonis 68).
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