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Travel Brochure: Taiga shield.

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The main type vegetation in this ecozone is the Taiga forest consisting of stunted coniferous trees, such as black spruce, jack pine, paper birch, trembling aspen, etc. The northern edge of the ecozone is bordered by the treeline. Wildlife: This region is famous for one of the most impressive displays of wildlife: 50 species of mammals including the barren-ground caribou, wolf, lynx, arctic fox, the grizzly bear, etc. Also, there is a massive bird migration of …
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…Dwarf Trees. <Tab/>Environment Canada, 1991. Clark, Bruce W. and John K. Wallace. <Tab/>Making Connections: Canada's <Tab/>Geography. Scarborough: Prentice <Tab/>Hall Ginn Canada, 1999. "Explorer's Guide to Canada's Northwest <Tab/>Territories." Publishers: NWT Arctic <Tab/>Tourism and Outcrop Ltd., <Tab/>Yellowknife, 1998. A DETAILED MAP OF THE ECOZONE:
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