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Mangroves at Homebush Bay Bicentennial Park. How mangroves work, how to test for mangrove abiotic and abiotic features.

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 04:09:53
Category: / Science & Technology / Chemistry
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A Study of the Badu Mangrove Community at Sydney Olympic Park Abstract A investigation took place at a large mangrove community called the 'Badu Mangroves'. The interactions of organisms and the Badu Mangrove ecosystem were observed. While experiments were carried out to determine the abiotic ( e.g. temperature, humidity, soil pH ) and biotic ( e.g. number of seedlings distributed throughout a certain area, adaptations of animals ) features in the Badu Mangrove community. Aim The aim …
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…it. This allows the casuarina to nutrients to itself. Conclusion It can be concluded that the biotic and abiotic features of an ecosystem can effect distribution and population of organisms such as mangroves because they determine where they live and where they cannot live. The biotic and abiotic features of an ecosystem is very important to the many species that depend on it, if it is removed it can cause a chain of detrimental effects.
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