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Management is not the same as what managers do.

Date Submitted: 09/09/2004 11:48:05
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MANAGING BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS 'MANAGEMENT IS NOT THE SAME AS WHAT MANAGERS DO' CRITICALLY EVALUATE THIS STATEMENT INTRODUCTION Management is described as the process of managing or being managed and is defined as 'the professional administration of business concerns'. A manager is a person regarded in terms of having skills in management and is defined as 'a person controlling or administering a business or part of a business'. This essay will aim to look at the …
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…is likely to have been thoroughly assessed and evaluated using a 'management' thought process. REFERENCES Fayol, H. General and Industrial Management, Pitman. (1949). Brech, E. F. L. Principles and practice of Management, Third edition, Longman (1975), p. 19. Drucker,P. F. People and Performance, Heinemann (1977), p 28. Hersey, P. & Blanchard, K. Management and Organisational Behaviour (1984). Stewart, R. Managers and their jobs, Macmillan (1967). Hales, C. Managing Through Organisations (2000). Lecture notes and class handouts on The Nature Of Management.
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